Hello Conference Participants,

You are welcome to offer and make a presentation or offer a poster on whatever topic connected in a way to Solution Focused approach. In case you are wondering, what this topic to be, the following questions could be helpful for you:

  • How do you see the practice of SFBT developing around the world/in your region/in literature/in theory/organizationally/in studies/etc.?
  • What trend(s) do you see in SF development(s) today?
  • Can you foresee some future steps in SF evolution, or possible new dimensions it may take?
  • Do you find some pitfalls or red herrings, and how can we avoid them?
  • How using the Solution Focused approach influenced on you personally?

Of course, you can address any other issue you wish, different from the above. Your personal vision about Solution Focused approach is important to be heard by as many participants as possible.

Last but not least we collect SF video-materials for the Conference as we intend to organise a Solution Focused Video-room at the venue.

Organising Team

Please, check plenary sessions and workshops in the Program.