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Welcome to EBTA Conference 2018, Sofia!

Dear colleagues and friends,

Back in 1997 the annual EBTA Conference took place here in Sofia. The Solution-Focused approach was newer and younger. We were happy to hear from Steve de Shazer, Gale Miller, Arild Aambo, Alasdair MacDonald, Agneta Castenberg and Anders Claesson, Jacek and Mariola Lelonkiewich, Wolfgang Eberling, Marie-Christine Cabié, Kerstin Malberg,  and others about the state of our solutions-building  art at that time.

21 years later we shall have the next EBTA Conference in Sofia. Wondering where and how far Solution-Focused Brief Therapy has come, and where it is going, we shall hear from Agneta Castenberg,  Alasdair Macdonald, Ben Furman, Kirsten Dierolf, Manfred Fogt, Mark McKergow, Michael Durrant,  Peter Sundman,  Stanus Cloete, Stephen Langer, Thorana Nelson, Yasuteru Aoki,  …, and hopefully from you, what kind of evolution we all have gone through, and how we see the future of what we do.

So, put this event to your calendar, register for it, propose your own workshop, presentation, or poster, and choose your accommodation! We shall try to do our best to make it a memorable and useful bunch of conversations for you!

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